ULTIMATE 200 Power Station

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ULTIMATE 200 Power Station

200Ah Power Station with built in 30A Solar Controller and Vehicle Alternator Controller.

12.8V Nominal Battery Voltage

2560Wh of Power Storage

Ideal for Off-Road and Off-Grid power supply.

Can easily be connected to a 2000W Inverter to provide surge of 2200W output to run Induction Cooktop, Fridge, Lights, Computers & Phones.

This 200Ah Power Station can supply 2560Wh of power - it can power a 95Ltr Waeco / Domestic (24Ah per day) Camping Fridge for a week without charging.

Comes with a Multifunctional Display and a Removable On/Off switch for security.


1 X 200Ah Power Station
1 x Tie Down Strap, brackets & Screws
1 x 50A Anderson Plug (with crimp on connectors)

Smart Phone (12Wh) - 210
Tablet (30Wh) - 85
Laptop (50Wh) - 51
Light Bulb (11Wh) - 230hrs
CPAP (65Wh) - 40hrs
TV (42" LED) (100Wh) - 25hrs
Induction Cooktop (Normal 1400Wh - Boost 1800Wh) - 1.4 to 1.8hrs (When using Optional Inverter)
Microwave (1000Wh) - 25hrs (When using Optional Inverter)
75Ltr Fridge (12-25Wh) - 4-8 Days (When Using Optional Inverter)
Full Size Refrigerator (55Wh) - 2 Days (When Using Optional Inverter)
Circular Saw (13Amp) (1500Wh) - 1.7hrs (When Using Optional Inverter)

From the Sun

Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible Solar Panel/s

The higher the wattage of the panel aray the faster the charging time.

Max 30A Input.

Wall Socket

Purchase the optional 20A 230V Power Supply. 

From your Car

Purchase the optional Car Charging Kit, to connect from your vehicles starter battery to the 200Ah Power Stations 50A Anderson Socket.

Solar Panel - Approximately 6.7 - 10hrs
Wall Socket - Approximately 10hr
From your Car - Approximately 6.7hrs
  • PORTS:
2 x Cigarette Sockets
2 x 2.1A USB Sockets
1 x 175A Anderson Output
2 x 50A Anderson Input/Output
1 x 50A Solar Input
1 x 50A Vehicle Charge Input

  • 2000W Inverter with 175A Anderson Plug to fit Power Station for 230V output
  • 175A Anderson Plug with 1m Cable incl 8mm lug to connect to Inverter
  • Battery Charger 20A
  • Base Tray Kit and 2 x Tie Down Straps (comes with Stainless Steel Bolts and Nylon Nuts)
  • Solar Connector - Yellow 50A Anderson Plug with 1.5m Cable incl a MC4 Solar Connector
  • 110W Folding Solar Panel
  • 105W Flexible Solar Panel with SUNPOWER (USA) Cells – Dimensions:   Weight:
  • 115W Flexible Solar Panel with SUNPOWER (USA) Cells – Dimensions:   Weight:
  • 210W Flexible Solar Panel with SUNPOWER (USA) Cells – Dimensions: 1481x810x3.5mm Weight:
  • 300W PERC Aluminium Case Solar Panel
  • 370W PERC Half Cut Aluminium Case Solar Panel
  • Vehicle Charging Kit – 50A Anderson Plug with 5.5m cables and fuse to connect to vehicle battery, and 5.5m Ignition cable to connect to Vehicle Ignition
  • Battery Jump starter – 175A Anderson Plug with 2m cables and Heavy-Duty Clamps
  • Output Caps for Anderson Socket Set
  • Solar Cabling, Connectors, Fuses on request

**Freight Cost to be advised**

More Information
Battery Cell CATL-LifeP04
Peak Capacity 2560Wh (12.8V 200Ah)
Life Cycles More than 3000 @ 80% DOD
Shelf Life Charge at least every 12 months
Management System 30A MPPT Charge Controller, BMS - Low Battery, Temperature, High Charge/Discharge Protection
Chainable Yes
Weight - KG 23
Simultaneous Recharge / Discharge Yes
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 455 x 240 x 330
Operating Usage Temperature 0 - 45C
Warranty 2 Year Return to Base
Light No
Brand Ultimate
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